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After gaining points via the viewer, you can put them on the sites you have added, for that, go to the section "My websites" :

On this page you can add points to any of your website. You just have to click on the parameter icon of the desire website : for example we will take the site "My second website" which currently has 0 points :

List of websites

The site settings interface is displayed :

We can see in the section "Add / delete points" that there are currently 0 points on the site and 14078.66 points on the account: for the example, we will add 78.66 points in order to have a round number on the account point ; then click on "Modify".

We can see that 78.66 points have been removed from the account which is now 14000 and that these have been added to the website which now has 78.66. Now that the site has points, it can be displayed in the viewer for other members.

If you wish to withdraw points from the site, simply put a negative number instead of positive, you will recover the points on your account.

Android App | The differences--> <-- Earn points
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