Tutorials : Add and manage a website
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Go to the "My websites" section in the left navigation menu :

Add a site

Arrived on the page, click on the green button "Add a site" at the top right :

Site management Interface

The following interface is displayed ; below the image, you will find in detail each section :

Site add Interface

This is the name that will appear on the list of your websites, useful to find you if you have a lot of websites added

Enter the url of your site here (do not forget http:// or https:// at the beginning of the url) : it will be the page that will be displayed in the viewer for the other members. Feel free to click on the link below "Test the site in the viewer" to see if your site appears in the viewer

You can set the number of seconds your site will appear in the viewer ; the longer the time is, the more the visit will cost points (indicated just below)

As the name suggests, this option allows you to set the maximum number of visits you receive per day ; if this option is set to 0, there is no limit

Adding points will allow your site to receive visits ; if the point counter is 0, it will not receive it (see tutorial n°4 for more details)

When you earn points via the viewer (see tutorial n°3), these are automatically distributed equitably among all your websites where this box is checked

If checked, the owner of the site will not be able to see where the visit comes from

If checked, improves SEO on search engines, a 2nd page of your site will be open 10 seconds from the end of the timer to reduce the bounce rate of your site

Click on "Add" this one will appear in your list of website :

List of your websites

Manage a site

This list gives you the information on your website : time of a visit, number of visits received in total and today, as well as the number of points remaining on it (decreases when other members visit your site ) ; you also have 4 other options on the right :

Allows you to pause or not your website; that is, if it is set to pause, it will not display in the viewer and vice versa
Here you can change the settings you have defined ; the interface is the same to some detail, the url of the website can not be changed and you can remove points from your site ; these points will be transferred to your global account in point
This option allows you to clone your site ; that is to say that it will appear a second time in the list, this allows you for example to put diversity (for example: one defined on 30 seconds and the 2nd defined on 90 seconds)
Allows you to delete your site

Earn points--> <-- First overview
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