Need traffic ?

Visit-Easy offers you the opportunity to earn visits and this for free !

- Improve SEO
- Completely free
- Website adapted for all supports
- Ability to add up to 50 websites
- No limit of session
- Reduce bounce rate

How it works ?

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Add your websites

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Surf automatically to member sites

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Other members will visit your sites in return

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What's the point ?

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Increase your SEO on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc ... Your website will have a better chance of getting into the search rankings if you use our service.

Show your site to Visit-Easy members, they will see your site on the viewer. If a member has not had time to consult your site, he can find it via the dashboard.
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Increase the views of your blogs, youtube videos, etc ...


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Customizable timer

You can choose how long the visit to your site will last, the duration can range from 10 seconds to 300 seconds.
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Adapted to all support

The Visit-Easy interface is easy to use and suitable for all the most used current device (mobile, tablet, small screen, etc ...).

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Instant validation of sites

You do not have to wait for your site to be validated, as soon as you add a site it can instantly receive visits by other members.
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Visit limit per day

If you wish you can add a limit of visit per day ranging from 10 visits to 10000.

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Hide referrer

The sites can see where the visits come from. If you do not want this, just enable the Hide Traffic Source option when adding or editing your website.
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Reduce bounce rate

A high bounce rate can harm your SEO on search engines, enabling this option will allow the viewer to open a second page of your site when it is viewed by another member to reduce the rebound rate.

a gear showing automation with arrows

Automatic point distribution

You can choose to automatically distribute the points you earn on your viewer to the sites of your choice, you can disable this option if you want to distribute them manually.
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Number of unlimited sessions

There is no limit to open viewers at the same time as long as the IP address is different for each viewer, this allows you to earn points faster.

A new form of free

Our service is completely free. The system is financed through a new method of financing : in order to use our viewer, you must agree to give 20% of your processor resources during its use, it will generate cryptocurrency and thus help the site to be financed ; this allows you to offer free services normally paid such as an infinity of sessions or a lot of addable websites.
If you are interested in this financing system : Click here
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