Account :

For security reasons, this is not possible; you can however create a new account, transfer your points from the old to the new account (click on the link points in the top menu); Be careful, after that, you must delete your old account (from the settings).

Principle :

The principle of the site is to make the exchange of traffic. The viewer of the site allows you to generate traffic on the sites of other members and in exchange they will visit your sites in return via the viewer to improve your SEO on search engines.

To receive traffic, you must view the sites of other members via the viewer; this will allow you to earn points. These points can be attributed to your sites which will then be in the viewer for other members.

Referral :

Sponsorship is inviting someone to our site; if it registers via your referral link (available in the referral section), you will earn 0.1 points every 10 seconds that your referral will be on the viewer.

Temps Points
10 0.08
15 0.12
20 0.16
25 0.20
300 2.4

Yes it is possible; just click on your points in the top menu, enter the number of points you want to give and enter the user name of your referral.

Site :

The maximum limit of different sites registered is 50.

The source of the traffic represents the origin of the traffic, that is to say that if the source is not hidden, the websites visited will know the source of the visit called "visit-easy.com".

The bounce rate is a marketing metric that measures the percentage of people who have entered a web page and left the site without consulting other pages. So they only saw one page of the site. The reduction of the bounce rate makes it possible to obtain a better referencing on search engines.

At 5 seconds from the end of the timer of the viewer, the page is reloaded by another page of the site with an argument at the end of url. For example, the page https://visit-easy.com is visited by the viewer for 60 seconds, after 55 seconds the page is reloaded with an argument at the end of the URL: https://visit-easy.com?bnc=0

This one does not respect our terms and conditions.

Your site is temporarily banned due to too many negative reports. An administrator will check as soon as possible whether or not your site complies with our terms and conditions.

In order to assign your points to another site, in the points to assign section of the site parameter, you must put a negative number to remove the points from the sender site to add them to your account. Then you can assign them by putting a positive number to add points from your account to another receiving site.

Viewer :

It is unlimited; the only constraint is that each viewer must be on a different IP in order to have the most unique visitors and thus increase the quality of the delivered traffic.

Active sessions tell you which IP addresses are currently running the viewer.

Visits :

Every 10 seconds of display on the viewer costs 1 point; this is proportional to the duration.

Time Points
10 1
15 1.5
20 2
25 2.5
300 30

Points will only be awarded at the end of the viewer countdown.

The ratio is 0.80 point.
Time (in seconds) Points
10 0.8
15 1.2
20 1.6
25 2
300 24

Premiums receive a point bonus :
- Bronze Premium : 10% more, you earn 26.4 points for 300 seconds
- Silver Premium : 20% more, you earn 28.8 points for 300 seconds
- Gold Premium : 40% more, you earn 33.6 points for 300 seconds

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